The Emmy Nominations are out tomorrow, but I thought I’d try to beat them to the punch with my own list of dream nominations.  I don’t anticipate a lot of crossover between the official nominations and mine because, let’s be fair, I have The Tick in multiple categories.  So my list will be better.

I also picked my favorite from my own list in each category.  Check it out and see how close my nominations are to the actual!  (Spoilee – Not Very)



Sandra Oh – Killing Eve

Jodie Comer – Killing Eve

Maggie Gyllenhaal – The Deuce

Laura Linney – Ozark

Mandy Moore – This Is Us

Sarah Paulson – American Horror Story


The Drama categories are in a weird place this year, and especially Best Actress.  The most talked-about performances this year are in the Miniseries category.  Amy Adams in Sharp Objects, Patricia Arquette in Escape from Dannemora, and Michelle Williams in Fosse/Verdon.  That’s going to be a much more compelling category this year instead of being the boring middle section.  And with Handmaid’s Tale ineligible, I really struggled with this category.  I know Killing Eve is still a favorite (even though Season Two wasn’t as good, yeah, I said it) and you can’t count Sandra Oh out, but Sarah Paulson is such a favorite, and this is the first year she’s been eligible for the main category (This season of AHS continued from previous seasons so it didn’t qualify for miniserie) and I think the Emmy people will reward her with the big one.




Bob Odenkirk – Better Call Saul

J.K. Simmons – Counterpart

Sterling K Brown – This Is Us

Richard Madden – The Bodyguard

Michael Dorman – Patriot

Kit Harrington – Game of Thrones


J.K. Simmons is my favorite actor ever.  But, man, Bob Odenkirk is so great and this was an exemplary year for him.  The man deserves an Emmy and he has for four seasons now.  I’m worried he’s going to get the Jon Hamm treatment and only get that Emmy in the final season, and if that is the plan, then they can give this year’s Emmy to Michael Dorman, but only if they promise Bob’s getting one eventually.




Robin Lord Taylor – Gotham

Peter Dinklage – Game of Thrones

Jonathan Banks – Better Call Saul

Brent Jennings – Lodge 49

Kurtwood Smith – Patriot

Gbenga Akinnagbe – The Deuce


There are so many amazing potential nominees here.  Previous winner Dinklage is reliably excellent, Jonathan Banks has been getting so much out of Mike Ehrmentraut since the Breaking Bad days.  Akinnagbe had such a great turn on a show that nobody watches and Kurtwood Smith gave maybe a career best performance on Patriot.  All that said, and there is no chance he’s even going to be nominated in real life, Robin Lord Taylor has been incredible for five seasons of Gotham as the best version of the Penguin ever.  It’s a performance that can go from subtle to over the top and back again in seconds and Taylor makes it work.  I would love to see him recognized for just being awesome.




Rhea Seehorn – Better Call Saul

Darlene Fishback – The Deuce

Maisie Williams – Game of Thrones

Carrie Coon – Sinner

Alliette Opheim – Patriot

Gwendoline Christie – Game of Thrones


You know how I said J.K. Simmons is my favorite actor?  Carrie Coon is my favorite actress.  And I feel like she should be ensconced in awards.  However, in this eligibility year, I don’t think there’s anybody who gave a more compelling performance than Rhea Seehorn.  As Saul continues and Jimmy heads down the wrong path, she’s increasingly the heart of the show, as well as being the most prominent character whose fate is in question.  Kim Wexler is one of TV’s best characters and it’s time to start giving her the recognition she deserves.




Better Call Saul


The Deuce

Game of Thrones

Lodge 49


Sorry For Your Loss


If I’m being honest with myself, Better Call Saul is the best drama I saw all year and it keeps getting better.  But the most fun I had all year was watching Patriot and I’d love to see this deeply weird show get some Emmy love.  I don’t think there’s a prayer it’ll be nominated so in real life, I’ll be rooting for Better Call Saul but in my wild fantasy world, the show about the PTSD-afflicted intelligence agent / folk singer takes the statue.




Ted Danson – The Good Place

Bill Hader – Barry

Griffin Newman – The Tick

Zach Galifianaikis – Baskets

Andy Samberg – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Drew Tarver – The Other Two

Hank Azaria – Brockmire 


Is everybody in this category great?  Yes they are.  I’ve been a fan of Drew Tarver for years, and he was still a revelation.  Griffin Newman is so great as the emotional center of a wild, wild show.  Hank Azaria keeps Brockmire evolving.  Ted Danson is a national treasure. I almost can’t decide but I think I’m giving a slight edge to the quiet desperation of Zach Galifianaikis’ Chip Baskets.




Alison Brie – GLOW

Kristen Bell – The Good Place

Amy Sedaris – At Home with Amy Sedaris

Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Veep

Natasha Lyonne – Russian Doll

Aidy Bryant – Shrill

Phoebe Waller-Bridge – Fleabag

Rachel Brosnahan – Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Andrea Savage – I’m Sorry


There was a time when it was hard to come up with enough nominations in this category and this year, the names just kept flowing.  The Good Place is maybe my favorite show.  Brosnahan and Louis-Dreyfus are Emmy Favorites.  Very few people make me laugh harder than Amy Sedaris.  I honestly think that Fleabag came out at just the right time to make an impression on the voters and Phoebe Waller-Bridge has a strong and deserved chance.  But I have to, of course, support Alison Brie.  You already know how great she is, and when I think about this category I think of that maybe two second reaction shot in the GLOW season finale when she finds out that, despite her broken leg, she’s going to win the championship belt and it’s this beautiful moment of surprise and gratification.  Even if she hadn’t been amazing all season, that one reaction should put her on the list.




Betty Gilpin – GLOW

D’Arcy Carden – The Good Place

Olivia Colman – Fleabag

Paula Pell – A.P. Bio

Molly Shannon – The Other Two

Stephanie Beatriz – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

April Bowlby – Doom Patrol

Martha Kelly – Baskets


Another packed category!  And yes, I’m considering Doom Patrol a comedy because come on. And Bowlby was a standout because she found such depth in what originally seemed like kind of a mannered, old Hollywood performance.  Paula Pell and Martha Kelly are scene stealers in completely opposite ways, and Stephanie Beatriz had an awesome season.  I think we’ve come up with a killer list of potential nominees, but ultimately, only one person played the entire cast of her show at the same time, and that person is D’Arcy Carden.




Anthony Carrigan – Barry

William Jackson Harper – The Good Place

Andre Braugher – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Stephen Root – Barry

Andrew Scott – Fleabag

Mark Proksch – What We Do in the Shadows

Chris Lowell – GLOW


This category was super fun.  I actually left Henry Winkler off because he won last year and a couple of his Barry costars can represent that show in fine fashion.  In fact, I’m a huge fan of both Anthony Carrigan and Stephen Root and I need one or both of them to have Emmys.  Chris Lowell as GLOW’s secret weapon, and everybody loves Fleabag’s Hot Priest.  But also, I can’t rest until Andre Braugher has an emmy for B99.  It’s long overdue.




The Good Place

A.P. Bio

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Tick


What We Do in the Shadows

I’m Sorry


I Think You Should Leave



I would love to see the cancelled A.P. Bio or The Tick win the Emmy, but they’re longshots for the real life list.  What We Do in the Shadows is a worthy contender for an excellent first season.  I Think You Should Leave made me laugh harder than anything else this year.  But all that said, I’ve already said The Good Place is my current favorite show and so that’s my official rooting position.  But I love all these shows very much and would be happy for any of them to get the bald man.


Once the real nominations are out, Myndi and I will try to pick our favorites, but for now, I’m living in my dream world.

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