All of the Lights Move over divas, gone are the days of letting the ladies light up the red carpet.  Today’s male celebrities are opting for flasher rather than subdued garments and are literally outshining their female counterparts.  Shine was represented in a variety of ways on both the VMA’s black carpet and the Teen Choice awards green carpet this August.  Fallout Boy’s frontman, Pete Wentz, and rapper, Pitbull, opted for a subtle shine in grey and black tailored suits at the VMA’s.  Former, Boy Bander, Joe Jonas looked all grown in a daring tan peak lapel suit paired with a casual deep V knit by Z Zegna.  Taking the shiny suit from high fashion to costume were Jason Darulo in a gold 1 button suit, Steven Cojocaru in a tacky sequined blazer and LMFAO’s Redfoo in a horrifying silver motorcycle jacket complete with crotchless chaps.  I think it’s safe to say, some wore this trend better than others.
Pete Wentz
Joe Jonas
Jason Darulo
Steven Cojocaru
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