Boy, I really like Hayley Atwell’s speaking voice. Remember that bit when you were sick and in bed and the covers were fine, of course. Comfortable. Third grade, fourth grade, but you were sick and you were thinking that was it. Maybe you had the croup? Vick’s Vapo-Rub and a humidifier and alone in your room with your toys? And your mom came in and said everything was going to be all right. Just maybe go to bed, these things happen. Maybe they don’t happen to everybody but they’re happening to us right now and light at the end of the tunnel and there you go. Stiff upper lip. Make it through, together.

That’s Hayley Atwell’s speaking voice, and we’re all better off for it.

“Something’s not right, here.” 

Atwell is a great actress when Dooley is waving Steve’s blood around and says, “Tell me what you know about this.” Her expression doesn’t change but her eyes water. Ever. So. Slightly.

I’m dying to know the secrets of her craft here. It’s like she had to have been thinking of her lost childhood pet or of a wistful trip with friends or that they don’t make Major Matt Mason toys any longer, or something, but that bit of hers was subtle.

I usually think actors are weirdoes by nature of what they do, conduits of emotion for outside observers and of the audience as they are. But that bit was incredible. For a second, I believed that a girl in 1946 was keeping it together in front of a vial of her boyfriend’s super-blood.

James D’Arcy isn’t getting enough credit as Jarvis, either, here, at the end, but he might be the most complex and well-rounded character in the show. Reluctant hero, comic relief, confidant, fixer. “I panicked, and then panicked again.”

Is there no one here who will listen to reason?

There is a monumental Sword of Damocles hanging over this show, and it is underscored by nearly every line of dialogue. “I conducted my own investigation because no one listens to me. I got away with it because no one looks at me.” Hide in plain sight, yes? The folks who accomplish things are the people who no one expects to accomplish things. When Peggy says, “I suppose i just wanted a second chance at keeping him safe,” she is trying to make right what once went wrong.

Sorry to see Chief Dooley go, but that explains Bradley Whitford


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One Response to Agent Carter – “SNAFU”

  1. Bezerker Gas?

    Chief Dooley went with a bang. His fantasy about being home was stellar acting by Shea Whigham.

    Leviathan doesn’t stand a chance. Dottie? Dead. Dr. Ivchenko? Dead. Baby widow? Escape, she has to be Natasha with Soviet version of Vita-Rays minus the Super-Serum giving her longevity. Or maybe Natasha’s mom?

    Talking about moms – where’s Tony’s mom?

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