It was a historic episode of Modern Family this week. After years of references, we finally got to see Realtor of the Year and Phil nemesis Gil Thorpe. And he’s played by the President of the Navy himself, Rob Riggle. Manny’s wayward father made another appearance, which always means crushing disappointment for the poor kid. We’ve got the best lines from Modern Family – “Flip Flop” assembled in one place for your convenience.

“I love the house! It’s beautiful! Here’s a tree.” – Gloria


“I’m not adorable! I’m getting a mustache!” — Luke


PHIL: “To the hard work of Claire and Cameron, or as I like to call them Clamorin’, which is what potential homebuyers will be doin’ when they see this place. Clamorin’. Clamorin to buy it.”

CLAIRE: “Phil, don’t go back for it.”


“I don’t joke about real estate. I joke about golf and Mexicans. It’s OK because I’m married to one.”–Gil Thorpe (played by Rob Riggle)


“You live in this ridiculous, candy colored fantasy land, I am so much smarter than you and it is killing me not to rub your nose in it!”—Mitchell


JAVIER: “How can I turn down a free meal?”

JAY: “First time’s the hardest.”


“Prepare to Phil the agony of Dun-feat! Both names!”—Phil


HALEY: “Zack Barbie, born 1986, went to college at a place called Mitt.”

ALEX: “M.I.T”.

HALEY: “I know how to spell it!”


“Sorry I took so long. I’ve never bought beer before, there are just so many choices!”—Mitch


“I thought it was a bathroom, it smells like potpourri.”—Trish, Javier’s girlfriend, who Gloria found hiding out in Manny’s room by accident


“You just got Thorpedoed!”—Gil Thorpe (Does he know Councilman Jamm from Parks & Rec?!)


“There’s no such thing as a professional Broadway enthusiast.” — Jay

Any more you’d like to add? Let us know in the comments!

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