In this week’s episode of Modern Family, we met Mitch’s first boyfriend, Manny struggled to find a family hero for his essay, Alex flirted with boys, Claire and Jay argued about her career options, and Phil went roller skating without pants.  It happens to the best of us, so stop judging!  And just to make your life easier, we’ve got the best lines from Modern Family “My Hero”.

“It’s for my school essay – pick a hero in your family and write about why you’ve chosen him or her. You’re still in the running, but I’m not loving that you’re drinking wine while watching my brother.” — Manny, to Claire


HALEY: “Another brochure from community college. You know, I ‘bet Mom’s having them send these.”

ALEX: “Really? You don’t think they’ve targeted you as a must-have recruit?”


“Well, you’ve just gotta tell him straight up. Man-to-man. Woman-to-man. You’ve very shapely.” — Phil, to Claire

“Loving this already. If nobody gets a concussion we’re totally coming back.” –Cam, at the roller rink

“Gloria, trust me. As long as you’re standing next to me, you will not look stupid.” — Phil


HALEY: “What do you think you’re doing out there?”

ALEX: “I’m flirting!”

HALEY: “That’s what I was afraid of.”


“I’ve got problems of my own! I can’t always be the lovable sidekick on The Manny Show. Did you even notice I’m binge eating?” — Luke


PHIL: “Knees bent. Arms loose. Chin up. Butt out.”

GLORIA: “Phil, this is too much!”

PHIL: “Just remember KBALCUBO – Koala Bears Always Lose Cherries Under Big Overpasses.”


“I worked my fingers to the bone to get these jumpy Protestants to love me!” –Cam, on Mitchell’s family


MITCH: “I need you to do something, and I don’t want you to give me any flak.”

JAY: “Aw, jeez.”

MITCH: “That’s flak.”


“There’s no hurry. We’re in a wooden box that was built in 1970.” — Jay, after the PA announces a small fire

“This is as sad as I’ve ever been in roller skates.” –Cam

“Try not to throw this in my face one day, but sometimes you’re actually really smart. Like smart smart. I hope you know that.” — Alex, to Haley

“That is literally the first punch I’ve ever thrown!” — Teddy, beating Cam’s record on the boxing game

“C minus. This was not the assignment. I’ll tell you who’s not my hero, Mrs. Rita McNabb.”–Manny, telling us the grade he got on his essay where he named his whole family as his hero

Add your favorites in the comments!  That’s an order, mister!

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One Response to Best Lines from Modern Family – “My Hero”

  1. Jordan C says:

    So funny when Alex was flirting. And funny about KBALCUBO. I didn’t understand why he told her that until I rewatched that part 3 times.

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