Popcakes or flipjacks?  OK, so Luke and Phil’s attempt to revolutionize breakfast food was only a small part of this week’s episode of Modern Family, but we loved it.  Also?  A look at a family that looks a lot like the Dunphys of the future, including Justine Bateman, Luka Jones, and Tom from Office Space.  Manny tried to get into a fancy private school, Lily struggled with identity issues, and the Dunphy kids had good reason to freak out.  And for your convenience, we’ve got all the best lines from Modern Family “The Future Dunphys”.

“If something were to happen, which it’s not, I would turn our bedroom into a shrine to Claire. And this room into a Hall of Magic.” — Phil


CLAIRE: “Phil, talk to your children!”

PHIL: “All right everybody, listen up. Haley, you’re not quitting, you’re resigning. It sounds better.”

CLAIRE: “No. Uh-uh.”

PHIL: “Alex, you have all of spring break to lock yourself in your room and study.”

CLAIRE: “No, no, no”

PHIL: “And Luke, Coffee-Bot is a non-starter, but I do like the idea of popcorn kernels in the pancake batter so they self-flip.”

CLAIRE: “Stop talking! Step away from the children.”


MANNY: “Really? That’s what you’re wearing?”

JAY: “Really? That’s how you talk to your meal ticket?”


“I never went to private school. Hell, I never even finished college and look at me. That danish I just ate cost six bucks. I didn’t even blink.” — Jay

“I caught the scalloped edge of a Burberry Duffle Coat toggle. Still not sure there’s not a piece in there.”–Jay, talking about his old job checking coats in the days before high tech fabrics

“It sounded like you were agreeing with my parenting style, so please, continue.” — Phil

“When am I going to get real boobs?” — Lily

“Took me right back to forty years ago. Candy-ass preppies with too many privileges. Know what I hated most about those guys? They all had these little noses. What is that?” — Jay

“Vietnam is a beautiful country and it’s nearChina.” –Cam, not having a good answer to Lily’s question

“You know what was a rare book in our library? One that didn’t have genitals all over it.”–Jay

“If this was a hay bale and she was wearing a prairie skirt, this would be a total flashback.”–Cam

“I don’t understand, in the future I’m not pretty?”–Haley

“The three of us are a family, even though we come from different places. You were born in Vietnam, and I grew up in a city, and even though he never talks about it, your daddy grew up on a farm.” — Mitchell


PHIL: “I guess you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.”

LUKE: “…or can we?”

PHIL: “To the grocery store!”


“You just caused a scene in a restaurant, and you can’t get more like your daddies than that.” –Cam


HALEY: “Is this reverse psychiatry?”

CLAIRE: “No, honey. Nothing is.”


“You ever see one of those slow-motion movies where they destroy an old casino, and it just implodes? That.” — Jay, describing Manny’s interview

“I think we would all be better off if people would just go back to where they came from.”—Cam, choosing his words poorly

“You pointed to a picture of the dean’s son and asked, ‘When’s she due?’”–Jay, confirming that Manny’s interview really did go badly

Any more you’d like to add?  Let us know in the comments!

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