This week’s visit to Pawnee saw Ron and Leslie vying for the city council vote of their least favorite person, Jeremy Jamm.  Meanwhile, at one of Pawnee’s fine watering holes, Andy discovered Mouse Rat was performing without him and calling themselves Rat Mouse, while Tom enlisted Ann’s help in breaking up with the horrible (yet completely awesome) Mona Lisa Saperstein.  Let’s dig right in to the best lines from last night’s Parks and Recreation.

“I’m guessing it’s my latest budget cut proposal, based on your rage sweat.”–Ron, immediately knowing what’s got Leslie so upset

“That’s my band!  I didn’t recognize us without me because I’m the only one that matters.”–Andy

“Dating Mona Lisa is awesome.  Except that I live in constant fear for my life.  I guess it’s time to do the mature thing and have someone else dump her for me.”–Tom

“I can be a sort of conversational lubricant.”–Chris, making a pretty gross analogy

“Hello Councilman, Ben, Leslie, Snow Cone lady.  I see you’re about to play a round of publicly subsidized mini golf, mind if I join you?”–Ron

“Kids love it, adults love it, Jamm loves it, everybody loves it.  It’s like the Toy Story 3 of places.”–Leslie, extolling the virtues of mini golf

“OK, we can do this, but I will bite you.”–Mona Lisa, pulling out a screwdriver to fight when Ann introduces herself as someone who used to date Tom

“I’m an adult now.  I work two part time jobs.  Hello!  I don’t need the stress of playing guitar with my friends every few weeks.”–Andy, who is not upset that he’s not in Rat Mouse

“I love Andy, but to be perfectly honest Mouse Rat’s music is not my thing.  I really only listen to German Death reggae and Halloween sounds effects records from the 1950s.  And Bette Midler.  Obviously.”–April

ANDY: Welcome to the Mouse Rat reunion show featuring me, Andy Dwyer, and for the first time Andy “Burly” Burleson on leads vocals.  That’s right, two lead vocalists.  Name one other band that’s done that.

BEN: The Beatles!

Did we miss any of your favorites?  Sound off below!


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