Hey, Modern Family is back! And with a timely New Year’s Eve episode, too! This week, the adults took a trip to Jay’s past, while the kids celebrated at home. Luke grew up a little too fast, nudists got involved, and Billy Dee Williams made an appearance. So, you know, probably just like your New Year’s Eve. And as is our wont, we’ve got the best quotes from Modern Family “New Year’s Eve”!

“I know how awesome college is. That’s what got me kicked out.” — Haley

“Never trust pictures on the Internet! Shoot if from the right angle, you can make anything look bigger and better.” — Phil

“What are we going to hear that we’ve never heard before? Mitch and Cam’s inspiring story of how Lily saved that kid with the Heimlich? Please, she hugged him and he spit his gum out.” — Claire

“We should start calling her ‘ranch house’, because she doesn’t have a second story.” — Cam, on Claire

“Easy. If that leaves a mark, I get the stink-eye.” — Jay, after Gloria slapped herself to wake up

“Can I offer you a Pina Delgado? My own concoction. Let’s just say it’s cool, it’s sweet, and it’s not afraid to embrace its own whimsy.” — Manny

PHIL: “Maybe this is part of an elaborate plan to kill us.”
CLAIRE: “Why would you even say that?”
PHIL: “I’m trying to lighten the mood!”

“I don’t want to have adventure. I don’t want to have fun. I want to have sex with you.” — Claire, to Phil

“Every night is New Year’s for Billy Dee.” — Billy Dee Williams

“You and me, under the desert sky. I’m Lawrence of Arabia, you’re Mrs…. of Arabia.” – Phil to Claire

JAY, after explaining the plot of the movie Mahogony: “My son made me watch it with him. He’s gay.”
BILLY DEE WILLIAMS: “Oh, good. I didn’t want to be the one to tell you.”

Any more you want to add? Let us know in the comments!

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