Futurama – This week, Bender got a new job as a paparazzo.  He harassed his idol Calculon, as well as the amazingly named celebrity robots Selena Go-Bot and Parts Hilton.  Finally, he went after the biggest name in town – nine-time Oscar winner Langdon Cobb.  Despite being the most successful actor of his generation, Langdon had kept his face hidden under a paper bag for his entire career.  Bender managed to get a picture of him, only to discover that when living beings see Cobb’s face, their soul (Er, “life force”.  The Professor was very clear on that.) leaves their body, leaving them as husks.  Bender didn’t learn his lesson right away, either.  After Fry lost his life force, he did follow-up tests on Amy and Hermes, just to make sure there was a cause-and-effect relationship.  The remaining Planet Express crew learned that Cobb was an alien that feeds on attention, so naturally, acting was the perfect choice.  And his species absorbs the life force of anyone who sees their face.  In order to save their friends, Leela and the rest had to make Cobb lose an acting contest so they could overwhelm his quantum-entangled ego spore.  (It was a weird episode.)  While Bender managed to save his friends eventually, Calculon committed suicide on stage because he was so committed to his role.  We think that warrants an anguished “NOOOOOOOOOOO!”  (Funny story about that.  The script said “Yes”, but he gave it a little tweak.)

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7 Responses to Best TV Shows on TV – We’re Gonna Need a Turd Wig

  1. Larry Young says:

    What do you guys think of THE NEWSROOM?

  2. EJ says:

    We talked about it a little amongs ourselves – Myndi still hasn’t seen episode 2 as of this writing. I’m not quite on board yet – I feel like I’m being lectured, and the fact that the show seems poised to have a confrontational interview every week means a weekly straw man to get shredded by Sorkin’s stand-in. (It’s something that’s always bugged me about his TV work.) Still, the characters are mostly appealing, so I’m waiting it out for a bit yet. And in the interest of full disclosure, I may not be giving it a fair shake because of Sorkin’s oft-reiterated belief that Internet writers are all bitter failures. That’s always in the back of my head.

  3. cub says:

    one gentle question: wtf is a turd wig?

    i’ve googled and googled, and found no absolute reference that makes any sense, but i did learn a new bar joke.

    please educate your humble commenter.

  4. EJ says:

    First off, I apologize for anything you may have learned by Googling “Turd Wig”.

    It’s actually a line from last week’s “Bunk” – at one point the announcer said “We’re gonna need a turd wig because sh*t is getting ugly.” And since we keep it classy around here, I couldn’t possibly pass that up as a title.

    I don’t know if it makes any MORE sense now, but that’s where we got it from.

  5. Myndi Weinraub says:

    How we long for the simpler days of “Beefsquatch!” Thanks for reading, cub! Larry–I promise to get caught up on Newsroom in the next couple days and give you my thoughts…I don’t have quite the same issues with Sorkin, though I completely see what EJ is saying. I felt that way with Studio 60, for sure.

  6. cub says:

    EJ and Myndi,
    thanks for answering. i watch CB!B! but avoid BUNK due to gross foot phobia and that guy’s voice– (neither of which bothered me/were present when he worked w/K.Schall, iirc)–beefsquatch, indeed!

  7. EJ says:

    Working with Kristin Schall makes everybody more appealing!

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