One of our favorite shows, Community, has had a lot of fun this season with the show-within-a-show, Inspector Spacetime.  Abed’s new favorite program, it’s a loving tribute to / parody of Doctor Who, and it makes us laugh every time it comes up.  It turns out that Karen Gillan, who’s wrapping up her role as Amy Pond on the real Who is a fan as well.  In fact, she’s already looking for her next job…

We can all agree that this needs to happen, right?  She could appear in a clip from the worst Spacetime season ever as Temporary Constable Geneva! Somebody has to help protect us innocent unremarkables, and Gillan’s proven to be quite good at that sort of thing.  At the very least, she could be a guest on “Troy and Abed in the Morning”.  We can’t imagine Dan Harmon and company would pass up an opportunity like this.

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