One of our favorite shows, Community, is a mainstay in our weekly “Best TV Shows on TV” feature. But last week, they closed the season with three episodes in one night. We knew we couldn’t do the finale justice that way. So we’re going all Mad Men on it with one of our patented roundtables. We’ve already talked about the ouster of Dan Harmon and how sad that makes us, but for now, we’re focusing on what was a fantastic end to the season.

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EJ This is one of my favorite episodes ever – The late Cornelius Hawthorne forces Pierce (and his closest friends) to play a video game to determine who gets the Hawthorne fortune. Most of the episode appears as a 16-bit video game, with adorable retro-game versions of the cast. And just to make it even better, the executor of the will is played by Giancarlo Esposito, who played Gus Fring on Breaking Bad. (Which makes Pierce’s meth reference even funnier). There are so many hilarious bits in this episode – Shirley and Annie killing the blacksmith and his wife, Pierce and Troy losing their clothes at poker, Gilbert Lawson’s God Mode. The Jive Turkeys. (I feel terrible that I noticed the watermelon power-up in that scene.) And it’s just glorious to see that they managed to put an episode that is about 80% video game footage on the air. More than once, I found myself thinking, “This is happening! It’s actually on TV!” they got us involved in the story and found the emotion, using only minimally animated sprites. It’s brilliant.

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