I really like the idea of Troy and Britta, but I also still want the chance to explore Troy and Annie as a potential couple. Yes, it’s true, Allison Brie has chemistry with everyone. Troy’s goodbye to the group was so poignant. Is there another pair of friends like Troy & Abed anywhere on television?

Introduction to Finality

MYNDI It’s clear that this was conceived as a series finale of sorts, and kudos to Dan Harmon for doing that for the fans. The beauty, of course, was that it also ended on a note that will allow the show to continue. We got actual forward motion on Abed acknowledging he might actually need some therapy and ripping down the dreamatorium (sort of, not really) and, holy crap, is Britta actually good at something?! Plus, there was a resolution to the wacky Air Conditioning Annex storyline (farewell, Dean Laybourne!), Jeff beginning to search for his father, and Shirley & Pierce opening their sandwich shop. Before those things could happen, though, stuff got dark.

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