I can’t even tell you how much I love that there is a little girl with a balloon in the hallway for no good reason, other than to demonstrate how evil Evil Abed is.

Isn’t it weird to see the study group actually studying? Granted, it was really only Jeff, but it’s been so long since anybody’s cracked a book. It’s a nice way to bring back the original premise of the show, especially in an episode that could well have been a series finale. In fact, it even ends with Jeff busting out a classic Winger speech, just like in the old days. It’s almost like a first season episode, but it’s all built around the craziness that’s been building for years. Season One had studying, speechifying, and a trial (at the Greendale pool!), but it’s hard to imagine getting away with the Infinite Labyrinth of Eternal Ice back in those days.

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