Oh, and I love the gag where, in order to indicate that he’s serious, Gilbert takes off a pair of glasses, and then puts on an identical pair. I’m pretty certain that this is a reference to some Breaking Bad web content, where they talk about how Giancarlo Esposito becomes a different person when he puts on his Gus glasses – his eyes just go black. He started the episode wearing glasses, so he has to put on a different pair, just to get the character switch. It’s funny on its own, but as an obscure reference, it’s pretty great.

But putting aside the gimmick, there’s such strong character work. Look at how Troy and Annie jump instead of walking, which fits their characters nicely. It wraps up a long-running Pierce arc by having him battle a digital Colonel Sanders for the second time – check out “Basic Rocket Science” where he goes crazy and confuses Atari 2600 Sanders with his father. And now we have the floating head of his father, who turned out to look a heck of a lot like the chicken pitchman. Abed falls in love with a fictional character who has three emotion presets, which makes me laugh and feel sad in alternating waves. This could have been nothing more than a gimmick episode, but it had so much heart. Especially when we learned Gilbert’s backstory and he had to choose between the inheritance and retaining his own history.

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