And for those of you who are wondering about any retro-gaming references you may have missed, well, most of the game looks like a take on the Mario franchise (there’s even a Super Leaf in a couple of scenes). The characters aren’t, as far as I can tell, specific references but the women look like they just stepped out of an early Final Fantasy game, Troy looks like an African American version of Higgins from Adventure Island, and Jeff uses Mega Man’s dash attack. When Abed talks to Hilda the milkmaid, we see that she’s got a lengthy dialogue tree. I can’t place every reference, but it’s got a bunch of Mario items – hidden pipe, subcon vase, magic flute, star zone, raccoon clothes, hot tub end boss (from Super Mario Sunshine). All of the main characters from Battletoads come up – Zit, Rash, Pimple, and the Dark Queen. My sister’s favorite superhero, Black Lightning, is listed. There’s “impervious to lava”, which no video game character ever is. A whole series of weapons from Mega Man 2… I can’t place all of the references, but I’m impressed. (Also, in that scene there’s a cow wearing a birthday hat, which I believe comes from Earthworm Jim.) And the incredibly offensive overmap, which is what you’d expect from a man so racist that he had a toupee made of ivory lest another race’s hair touch his head, is based on Super Mario World. Which is not at all offensive. If anybody spotted any other references, let me know. “Unkillable Bears” seems very familiar, but I just can’t place it.

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