EJ really covered all the things that were awesome about this episode, and he’s the video game expert to boot. I was just left really wishing I could buy the game. Normally, one of the few things NBC does really well is market its shows from a merchandising standpoint. Get on it, NBC Universal!

The First Chang Dynasty EJ After a one-episode break, we return to the ongoing expulsion storyline. If I had to guess, I’d say this episode was supposed to run before “Digital Estate Planning”, and they switched the order when all three episodes aired the same night.

As much as I loved this arc, I have to wonder if it’s going to leave Chang pretty much unusable from here on out. It’s not like he can go back to joining the study group after he tried to set the school on fire. But then, they’ve done something different with him every season. (Remember those early Season One episodes, when he hadn’t quite gone crazy yet?)

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