Like the previous episode, Community took a gimmick (in this case, an Ocean’s Eleven tribute) and still made it true to the characters. And somehow, they took a running joke and made it important. Yes, Troy’s mechanical acumen has been recurring plot point since the first season, but it was this season where it really amped up to ludicrous levels with the introduction of the Air Conditioner Repair Annex.

I can’t decide if I’m in favor of the Troy/Britta relationship or not, but I love any episode that brings it up – Gillian Jacobs and Donald Glover play that so well. It’s an almost telenovela level of drama that they bring to it with all their longing gazes and meaningful silences. For humor purposes, I’d be perfectly happy if this is as far as they went. I just can’t imagine an actual relationship being funnier than them not having a relationship.

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