As of this week, Season Three of Community is available on DVD.  It was one of the best TV seasons we’ve seen in a long time, and we’re totally geeked about having the whole thing in a neat box set.  (Anybody want to bet that Chevy Chase doesn’t show up for any commentary tracks?)  To celebrate the occasion, we’ve gone over the whole season and picked our ten favorite episodes.  So put on the Inspector SpaceTime soundtrack album for ambience and settle in as we talk about how much we love Community.

10. Introduction to Finality“I made a new rule that the air conditioning school has to act like a real school. I can do that because I’m their messiah.” – Troy As we started on this list, it quickly became clear that there were a lot of excellent episodes this season. There were a lot of contenders that we wanted to get into the ten spot, but we have to go with the season finale (and as it turned out, Dan Harmon’s last episode). Evil Abed tried to ruin the timeline, Troy battled for control of the Air Conditioning Repair Annex, and Jeff Winger accepted some things about himself and his potential return to the legal profession. It’s a very funny episode – Evil Abed’s session with Britta and everything with Troy is just gold. But it’s Jeff’s revelation and the closing montage that really give the episode its heart. This was clearly written as a possible series finale, and those closing minutes are a love letter to the fans – the new Dreamatorium, Jeff researching his father, Chang living at City College, even the return of StarBurns (in a move that was later used in earnest on the House finale). It’s a perfect capper to one of the best TV seasons in recent memory. (EJ)

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