8. Pillows and Blankets“Pierce Hawthorne takes Troy’s side, citing that Abed is weirder and more foreign.” – Keith David While Season Two made great use of a blanket fort, this episode took it to the next level with a Ken Burns-style documentary approach. The plot was ridiculous enough, with Troy and Abed splitting up and causing a campus-wide Civil War over the matter of pillow fort vs. blanket fort. But the presentation, with a deadly serious narrator describing the battlefield movements (and criticizing Britta’s photography) and the participants reading aloud their communications from the front lines (text messages and Facebook statuses). It’s really one of the things that Community did best this season – coming up with an original presentation and then committing to it. We had a 16-bit episode, a Law & Order tribute, multiple timelines, a Heart of Darkness parody, an Ocean’s Eleven episode, and this amazing fake documentary. And in all cases, they didn’t just rest on the premise. There’s a strong emotional story and really funny jokes. In the former case, this episode deals with the rift between Troy and Abed, climaxing with a scene where they can’t stop hitting one another with pillows because they’re afraid it’s the last thing they’ll ever do together. (And Jeff actually goes all the way to the Dean’s office to get the imaginary best friend hats!) And from a comedy perspective, well, this episode gives us the incredibly confusing layout of the Greendale campus, Pierce’s pillow armor, Britta’s inability to take decent pictures (“Just because it’s black and white doesn’t mean it’s good”), and the much-funnier-than-it-should-be line “Leonard likes this”. It’s an excellent episode with meticulous execution. That’s kind of Community’s thing. (EJ)

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