7. Contemporary Impressionists–”Abed is a magical elf-like man who makes us all more magical by being near him.”–Troy Everyone is back from Christmas break, and the two most notable things are that Abed is hooked on hiring celebrity impersonators to re-enact scenes from his favorite movies, while Jeff has begun taking anti-anxiety meds that increase his confidence (and vanity) to dangerous levels. There are no words that can describe the visual of Dean Pelton falling to ground in ecstasy when he sees Jeff wearing aviator sunglasses. The two issues dovetail together when, in order to pay Abed’s debt to the impersonator company, the group works a Bar Mitzvah as celebrities themselves. Jeff is Ryan Seacrest, Shirley is Oprah, Troy and Britta are “both” Michael Jacksons, Pierce is Fat Brando (but he’d rather be Burt Reynolds), Annie is Judy Garland and Abed is Jamie Lee Curtis. Troy is focused on making sure they do everything right while Abed is merely having fun. Jeff is busy fueling his ego to the point where he has Hulk-like meltdown during the evening’s fake awards ceremony (designed to go to the Bar Mitzvah boy only), despite psych major Britta’s attempts to help him. It ends with a shirtless Jeff getting picked up by Britta on the roadside while the Hulk theme plays, which is to say, awesomely. In the end, Abed and Troy have a bit of a fight about taking responsibility that only sort of gets resolved (Evil Abed is there when Abed heads to the Dreamatorium alone) and boils over in the epic Pillows and Blankets. Meanwhile, this is also the episode where Chang began to develop his grand idea to control Greendale. He was given permission to hire teenagers as security staff and met a DJ, posing as Moby, who would later show up as The Fake Dean. The Patton riff at the end is a nice touch. (MYNDI)

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