6. Digital Estate Planning“If you die, you go back to the study room. So… don’t die.” – Jeff I can’t even tell you how much I love this episode. In order to collect his inheritance, Pierce and the study group have to win a video game designed by his father. His 100-year-old, crazy racist father. And most of the episode set within the game, with 16-bit animation. It looks like the best Super Nintendo game you never played. For gamers, it’s a love letter full of clever references and in-jokes. But even if your gaming knowledge ends with the first Super Mario Bros., it’s still hilarious. The scene where Annie and Shirley accidentally kill an innocent blacksmith (and then deliberately kill his wife) is a favorite. Or Abed’s romance with a videogame character that resulted in an army of Baby Abeds. There’s Pierce’s inability to figure out the controls, Britta “playing like a girl”, and the jaw-dropping bits that remind you Cornelius Hawthorne was an awful, awful man. Guest-star Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring) really takes this to the next level as Pierce’s half-brother. It’s a hoot to see one of the year’s most terrifying TV villains as an adorable video game character (albeit, one who can control lightning), and it leads to a rare moment of decency for Pierce. This is an episode where the Study Group fights an enormous virtual Colonel Sanders doppleganger with a nuclear bomb. TV doesn’t get more awesome than that. (EJ)

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