5. Regional Holiday Music–”Glee! It’s the feeling you get, when your brain finally lets your heart get in its pants.”–Mr. Rad By December of 2011, The Glee backlash had reached a crescendo and this pitch perfect spoof was hilarious. It began with the Greendale Glee Club getting a cease & desist order from ASCAP, courtesy of Jeff. Without the ability to do mashups, hip hop remixes and prepare for Regionals, the members of the glee club end up suffering a nervous breakdown and the instructor, Mr. Rad (played by SNL’s Taran Killam) calls on the study group to step in for the Christmas pageant. While everyone initially passes, Mr. Rad is able to convince them one by one, through the magic of song. We were pleasantly surprised by Danny Pudi’s musical chops (who knew he could keep up with Childish Gambino himself?!) and totally fell for Alison Brie’s “Teach Me How to Understand Christmas”. Jeff recruiting Britta a la Invasion of the Body Snatchers was classic. When Abed realizes what they’ve gotten themselves into with crazy Mr. Rad, he tells tone deaf Britta to take his part, which he knows will push Mr. Rad to the edge. The teacher admits to causing the bus crash that killed the last glee club, and sanity is restored, but Abed is bummed. The holiday episode ends with everyone joining him to watch the (horrible) Inspector Spacetime holiday special, and we went into a too long hiatus on a bright note, despite the threat of the darkest timeline that hung overhead. (MYNDI)

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