4. Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism — “It’s an evil game that brings out the worst in us! Like out of town weddings where the reception is in the same place as everybody’s rooms.” — Shirley When Annie accidentally breaks Abed’s limited-edition Dark Knight DVD and then stages a fake robbery to cover it up, Abed reacts in the only way he can – by donning a Batman costume and setting out to bring the culprit to justice. Which is amazing. The fact that Abed actually owns a grappling hook probably shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point. The Batman plot is fantastic, between Annie’s hilarious and adorable Christian Bale impression, Troy’s mounting panic (“Your moving in was supposed to turn us calm!”), and the simple fact that like Bruce Wayne, Abed became Batman in response to a senseless crime creating a world he could no longer understand. It’s excellent. And the really impressive thing is that the other half of the episode is just as good despite its lack of Batman. Jeff runs afoul of a crew of German foosballers (including the great Nick Kroll) and teams up with Shirley to teach them a lesson. They soon learn that they have some shared history – as a child, Shirley humiliated Jeff at the foosball table so badly that he wet his pants. Their argument plays out in an anime sequence that has them playing the game on a live volcano while a terrified cat looks on. (That cat is hilarious.) We don’t often see Jeff and Shirley paired up, and they’re really great together. There’s nothing I don’t love about this episode. (EJ) 3. Studies in Modern Movement—“Sometimes we get stuck in our own little world. And then in that world, we make even littler worlds. And sometimes there are tunnels between those worlds. Or a subway. One time a snake.”–Troy When Annie opts to move in with Troy and Abed, they decide to live tweet the event with the hashtag #Anniesmove, just another example of the way the show always strives to integrate fans as much as they can. It seems the hashtag really ruins Jeff’s day, though, when Dean Pelton uses it to blackmail him. Jeff had lied that he’s sick to get out of helping move, and ends up shopping, lunching and singing karaoke with Dean Pelton to avoid getting busted. Just when he’s starting to warm to the day’s activities, Dean Pelton slips about reading an email Jeff sent to his therapist, and it appears he’s a bit of a stalker. The day unfolds oddly enough, as Shirley and Britta meet Jesus the hitchiker, Abed and Troy introduce us all to the Dreamatorium, Pierce gets high on toxic paint and costs Annie her security deposit and a Dean/Jeff duet of “Kiss From A Rose” is the best montage music ever. Especially when the Dean tweets it for everyone to enjoy. In the end, the guys give Annie their bedroom so they can keep the Dreamatorium and opt to sleep in the blanket fort. Everyone wins! (MYNDI)

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