You know what I’m starting to miss?  Crossovers.  Sure, NBC kind of drove them into the ground back in the “Must See TV” era, using them to try to trick people into watching things like The Single Guy.  (“If Ross from Friends likes him, shouldn’t you?” was the unspoken rhetorical question.)  It’s been a while since we had a really inspired crossover, like Homicide’s John Munch showing up on The X-Files to question the Lone Gunmen.  Something that crosses networks and maybe even genres – the recent Party Down reunion on Childrens Hospital or the Jack Bauer appearance on The Simpsons are the kind of thing I’m thinking of. 

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One Response to Dream Crossovers – Party Down, Greendale!

  1. Larry Young says:

    “I would actually pay money to see this happen.”

    Me, too. Honestly, we could just hire Lizzy and Alison and you and me could play all the other parts.

    That’s kind of an episode, right there.

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