NBC announced their midseason schedule last week and kind of blindsided us.  Sure, we’re ready for 30 Rock to come back.  They have a couple of promising new shows.  But we weren’t expecting anything crazy.  And then it turned out that Community isn’t on the midseason schedule.  Basically, NBC Britta’d it.  The Internet did not take this news well.

Now, it’s only supposed to be a hiatus and the study group will return in the spring, but it’s still hard to take.  As an Arrested Development fan, I tend to panic when a beloved show drops off the schedule for an open-ended hiatus.  Tim Goodman has a great article about why Community is a virtual lock to return in spring and, in fact, likely to be renewed for next season.  I’m not going to lose my mind just yet.  But let’s face it, TV is better when Community is on than when it isn’t. That’s because Community is one of the best shows on TV.

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One Response to The “Community” Hiatus – Six Seasons and a Movie!

  1. Anne Price says:

    I started watching tv just for this show (ok, the Office and Parks & Rec also had some influence) and now they take that from me? FAIL!

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