It’s not easy being a Community fan.  Sure, you get to watch Community.  But aside from that, it’s just a constant stream of bad news.  A really innovative, clever episode (like Thursday’s tribute to 16-bit gaming) is followed the next day by reports of “worst ratings ever”.  This year, the show dropped off of NBC’s schedule for months.  We finally got some good news when the show was renewed for a 13-episode Season Four, and then a few days later, the other shoe dropped – it was being exiled to Friday nights, aka “Satan’s Graveyard”.  We dealt with that.  Then, less than a day after Season Three ended beautifully, we found out that creator Dan Harmon would be replaced as showrunner, making this the darkest of all possible timelines.

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6 Responses to The Community Shake-Up — Thank You, Dan Harmon

  1. Myndi says:

    Thanks for being so honest and putting all that out there. And you know you’ll never be alone, partner!!!

  2. mweinraub says:

    Wow, What a great piece. I think your webmaster should make this article a front page piece.

  3. Anne Price says:


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  5. Don says:

    Somehow I missed this back in May. Wowza. Great article, my man.

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