Just the fact that people know Dan Harmon’s name means that the show will be fundamentally different for his departure.  How many showrunners do you know by name?  Matthew Weiner, Ryan Murphy, maybe Kurt Sutter, possibly Chuck Lorre (and in his case, mostly because of vanity cards and Sheen insults).  And in an unusual move for a comedy, he’s been seeding in plot elements that take years to pay off.  Harmon’s not going to have input into whether or not Jeff ends up contacting his father, and if you think about that too long, it’s going to break your heart.

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6 Responses to The Community Shake-Up — Thank You, Dan Harmon

  1. Myndi says:

    Thanks for being so honest and putting all that out there. And you know you’ll never be alone, partner!!!

  2. mweinraub says:

    Wow, What a great piece. I think your webmaster should make this article a front page piece.

  3. Anne Price says:


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  5. Don says:

    Somehow I missed this back in May. Wowza. Great article, my man.

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