ANNIE:  The scenarios you’re running here are like great science fiction.  They’re impressive and detailed and insightful, but they’re not accurate for crap…  Your simulations are nothing more than anxieties.  You’re afraid you don’t fit in.  You’re afraid you’ll be alone.  Great news – you share that with all of us, so you’ll never be alone.  You’ll always fit in.

And that just destroyed me.  I’ve felt like Abed all my life, and getting older and watching my friends start relationships and get married and get promotions while I remain in stasis had been very much on my mind when this episode aired.  Like Abed, I felt like I’d have do be put away somewhere when everybody else had moved on.  But that’s not something you can tell people, because part of feeling like you don’t belong is the feeling that nobody else can understand that.  But for somebody on TV to so accurately lay out my secret fear was tremendously moving.  I was in tears, not only because it tapped into something for me, but because Annie proceeded to say what Abed and I needed to hear.

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6 Responses to The Community Shake-Up — Thank You, Dan Harmon

  1. Myndi says:

    Thanks for being so honest and putting all that out there. And you know you’ll never be alone, partner!!!

  2. mweinraub says:

    Wow, What a great piece. I think your webmaster should make this article a front page piece.

  3. Anne Price says:


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  5. Don says:

    Somehow I missed this back in May. Wowza. Great article, my man.

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