Arriving back at the train station, they encounter Mary waiting for her train to London.  Thinking quickly, they ask the waiting Mr. Drewe for help with their bags, and Edith has him ride the train to the next stop with Marigold so as to avoid any awkwardness.  The only problem is that Anna notices.  At the house, Edith asks her father his opinion about bringing Marigold on. Mary and Robert both think it’s “crackers” , but Robert gives his consent anyway, clearly his guard is down because of a sad diagnosis: his precious Isis has cancer.

Mrs. Hughes fills Mary in on the train ticket that’s being searched for to exonerate Mr. Bates.  She says she burned it. Whoopsie.

On the suitor front, Charles and Tony walk the grounds with Mabel, who leaves to go change for dinner.  At that point, Charles tells Tony to get on with it already.  Tony swears he can’t end it with Mary, refusing to say why.  But his silence has got to tell Charles a lot.  Later, Charles tells Mary to send a clear message to Tony.  In other words, stop yanking his chain.  She clearly loves the power she has over him.

By calling Mary to London for a movie date, Charles engineers a kiss to be caught by Tony, who is there with Mabel.  That’s that. And what of Charles now? He’s off to Poland, probably for months, and figures Mary will be married when he gets back.  Considering the glacial pace at which she moves on such matters, I doubt it.

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