Robert encourages Rose to write to her parents, to let them know what she’s doing with Atticus before it’s too serious.  At dinner, Robert and Atticus’ mother talk about her family’s challenges; Robert mentions his Father In Law being Jewish.  Lord Cinderby and Cora discuss conversion and name changing (her parents didn’t, his grandparents did).  Across the table, Rose and Atticus discuss pitting their parents against each other. Isobel announces that she and Lord Merton are getting married, prompting Robert to call for a toast.  Everyone seems pleased, but Violet looks sad.  She says she’s worried about Edith. Mary nastily asks why, which gets this killer reply: “My dear, a lack of compassion can be as vulgar as an excess of tears.”, Amen, sister.

Violet admits to Mary she’s sad she’s losing her pal.  Mary suggests a celebratory dinner at Downton since Merton is her godfather and Isobel is George’s grandmother.  As it turns out, Lord Merton’s sons are rude, blunt a-holes, questioning Isobel’s intentions and her rights to a title.  Larry, the more outwardly obnoxious one, even take the time to slander people at the table by pointing out Tom’s former job as a chauffer, and Rose’s involvement with “a Jew”.  Tom calls him a bastard.  He leaves the house at Robert’s request.

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