In the midst of this excruciating dinner, Rose and Atticus sneak down a long hallway and end up getting engaged right then and there. They are so cute…and actually in love!  Lord Merton thinks they’ll laugh about the dinner some day. Isobel is not so sure. And it’s clear she’s sad to be losing her spotlight as she notices how close Rose and Atticus have become.

In other news, Robert and Tom discuss his plans; he’s considering moving to Boston.  They admit it’ll be tough for bother of them. Tom asks Sibby how she’d feel about moving across the sea.

In the hour’s final scene, Isis sleeps between Robert and Cora; they don’t think she’ll last the night.  Poor puppy.  She’s such a good actor!

Baxter tells Anna and Bates that she’d swear about the train ticket, and they just think she’s a tattletale because they don’t know her history.  Both Barrow and Molesley encourage her to tell the truth.

Mr. Mason (remember him?) invites Daisy and Mr. Molesley to luncheon, and they invite Baxter along. He encourages her to keep up her studies.  Moslely again encourages Baxter to tell Bates.  It’s all very sweet.

At the Dowager Countess’ house, Spratt gives his notice.  Between this, the whole Prince Kuragin situation and the loss of her cards and luncheon buddy, we’re not sure how much more Violet can take.

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