Few shows have come along and caused such heated debate like Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy.  It’s original episode, “Death Has a Shadow”, aired January 31st, 1999, immediately following the Superbowl.  The initial 7 episodes were good enough for Fox to order a full 22-episode season which began September 23rd, 1999.  Season two erupted many controversies and it can be argued it’s hard-to-define humor led to its cancellation.  In fact the episode, “When You Wish Upon a Weinstein” never even aired because Fox wasn’t sure the line, “even though they killed our Lord,” might be too racy.  The original line was actually changed to, “I don’t think they killed our Lord,” before it aired, finally, in 2003.  The original line can only be seen as an option on the DVDs – it’s never been on TV.  And finally, the episode “Road to Rhode Island” had scenes cut which included Osama Bin Laden passing security gates with guns (which, ironically, was written before the attacks, but was scheduled to air after the 11th). At the end of season two, the show was officially cancelled, but not announced.

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