I’m not offended, necessarily.  It just doesn’t seem particularly rewarding to me as comedy.  I guess it seems kind of fratty to me.  It’s a joke your friend can get away with when you’re drinking and screwing around.  Of course, it’s all subjective.  I certainly don’t think people who like FG are wrong or need to be fixed.  And considering how funny I find the black-face episode of The Sarah Silverman Program, I should probably just keep my thoughts to myself.


Well, that’s sort of the thing, isn’t it?  I don’t think any show on network TV is above doing a joke like that.  Going for the cheap laugh.  In the FG episode, the point was to say something really tasteless to ruin Woods’ reputation.  So to me, that wasn’t totally pointless.  But they could have chosen something else.  And as for the jokes being just references to pop culture?  Well, you may be right.  Maybe it’s just pop culture porn.  I mean, I love those parts of FG, but maybe it’s just the reminder of things I already know.  But I still like them.  However, the real payoff is in the sucker-punch joke I was talking about.  And FG pulls those off quite well from time to time.

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