So, the starvation and population in Ireland can be solved by simply eating the kids.  How do you think the public reacted to that?


I tend to like Family Guy – ok …I love it. Family Guy reminds me of my writing class and the ‘heighten, heighten, heighten’ mantra.  When Family Guy makes me laugh is when they absolutely do the thing or say the thing you didn’t expect.  I imagine them writing this revenge story line and putting Peter in various situations and then sitting around asking, “what is the absolute worst thing Peter could say in this situation and to ruin James Woods’s good name?”  I imagine many of their writing sessions involve everyone trying to determine what the most ‘out-of-left-field’ or the most horrible thing would then be to say or reference in that moment.  In the Peter-as-James Woods moment described below or the “doin’ your …son?” moment, nothing worse could have possibly been written.  Both are the height – or depths – of inappropriateness.

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