What was the strangest thing that happened this week on Glee?  Well, it was probably the fact that Finn actually used the word “archetype”  correctly.  Will & Beiste singing a duet in a Lima honky tonk bar was probably a close second, though.


Uh oh. McKinley High School kids are drankin’, ya’ll. Why? “Ke-dollar sign-ha!” Do you know what this means for me? MORE FIGGINS! (Also, it’s Alcohol Awareness Week.) So, all of a sudden Puck is flirting with Rachel so he can get her to have a party. Are his dabbling in the sexy world of female wrestlers days over? Rachel wrote a song about her headband and tried to use it to charm her way back into Finn’s pants, and Finn told her it was terrible because she needs to live…so now…Rachel. Wants. To. Drink. She’s having a party to celebrate Alcohol Awareness Week at McKinley.  And we got to see another signature glee club phone convo/split screen scene.  What did I love the most about a Rachel Berry party? That nightgown she stole from the old Little House on the Prairie costumes and passed off as a dress.

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