Good songs, bad songs, plots that had us smiling against our better judgment and another frustrating week for Sue Sylvester.  Must be this week’s Glee!  See what Casey and Myndi thought…they didn’t agree on everything, that’s for sure.


Not even Brittany’s stupidity can save us. In fact, it’s making everything worse. No one on this show is believable, and I had to suffer through that infectious, horrible, ear worm of a Bieber song. I’m trying, Glee…really. You are not making this easy. Main plots this week:

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3 Responses to Choir Practice: A Glee Roundtable, “Comeback”

  1. Don says:

    Good lord! There was a point in time I felt like I was missing a part of TV history by not setting my DVR for this show. Now …I’m not sure how you two keep watching. “I’ve Never Been to Me?”

  2. Myndi says:

    Perhaps I wasn’t entirely clear…no one in the cluib sang this awful song, nor did we see Sue singing along to it in her LeCar, she just told Will and Emma that singing along to its chorus had made her feel better in the midst of her depression. This should have tipped him off that she was full of it, in my opinion. The show’s frustrating in its inconsistency, but it’s still not bad (again, my opinion) and I think the way it exposes kids to all kinds of music is a good thing. And the music sales (which are HUGE) are why it will be around for a good long while. They’re making FOX a mint!

  3. Don says:

    Phew. Because I cannot imagine how many DVRs would’ve skipped by “I’ve Never Been to Me” had they busted it out.

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