The way Sue dealt with her grief was well done by Jane Lynch, and did go a long way toward redeeming Sue for me.  (That and how she called Finn and Kurt both “Eddie and Herman Munster” and “Frankenteen and Lady Trousers”.)   The funeral itself was just north of ridiculous, with the Wonka-esque décor and the chocolate fountain, but I am a complete sucker for “Pure Imagination” (Kenny Loggins does a great version on his kids’ CD, “Return to Pooh Corner”).  Loved that Tina was dressed like Violet Beauregard, too.  The eulogy was awesome, and the interaction between Will and Sue in that scene was perfect.  I just hope Sue means what she says about leaving the club alone from now on, and focusing on her run for Congress.  That would be sort of hilarious.

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