1- Will Schuester is going to Broadway!! So Emma helped Will organize all his sweater vests. Personally, I don’t believe anyone should require a sweater vest in the dead of summer. Then again, I’ve never been involved with a Broadway production, so maybe I’m naive. And, oh, how cute! Will held onto the vest he was wearing the first time he met Emma and later she wore it with a sensible skirt and brooch. (*Message to all the little girls out there! This is not typical male behavior. My boyfriend recalls it was hot outside when we met and that he liked the way I looked. That’s about as detailed as it gets. That isn’t to say he’s a bad guy. He’s great! I’m telling you this now because the media tries to tell you what to expect from men. A specific article of clothing with sentimental value that pertains to you is not a thing for which you should search. You will wind up disappointed or with a closeted gay husband.) The cool thing about this storyline is that it will create some unnecessary drama at Nationals when the kids find out Will’s leaving. And Will and Emma will kiss probably. Yay!

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