2- Finn is jealous of Jesse St. James because he loves Rachel, not Quinn- Yawn!  I’m just kidding, I’ll write more. Finn broke up with Quinn, because he really loves Rachel. But Rachel is all up in Jesse St. James’s mess, because he feeds her starving ego. Also, the break up took place in a car which is a thing that ‘Glee’ loves–scenes in cars. Did anyone else find the question, “Why are you crying?” a bit out of place seeing as they’d just left a funeral? Damn, Quinn. Why you gotta be a bitch? But the joke was on me, because Finn was crying over Rachel and not Sue’s dead sister. More on that later. Hmm…I think this should have been the ‘Meh’est now that I’m looking back on it. Quinn has something up her sleeve for their trip to New York now. I assume it is sweet vengeance.

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