3- Auditions. Again. So Jesse St. James, who is currently at McKinley to mold New Directions into winners for their upcoming performance at Nationals, decided to stir up some crap. His plan? Find the glee club’s “star” and construct their performance around that person. With a wink and a nod and a boner towards Rachel, he set up solo auditions. Here is what you need to know about the auditions for the soloist: Santana was brilliant with some Amy Winehouse! I love her. Kurt sang ‘Some People’ from Gypsy, slid on his knees, and wore a pair of pants covered in skulls with a black vest that laced up in the back. Damn, he’s sassy! Rachel sobbed through her entire number while hazy visions of Finn danced in her head…which annoyed the piss out of me. Great voice but the tears are tiring. And Mercedes…well…there are not enough adjectives to describe how amazing this performance was. Not only that, it made me want to watch Pretty in Pink. That’s two weeks in a row, Glee

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