Anyhow. Jesse chose Rachel as the star and said cruel things to everyone else. Will Schuester said “Nu uh!” and decided they would all perform group songs at Nationals. Though, I’m certain Rachel will have some solos sprinkled throughout. When does she not?

4-The Funeral Alas! The tearjerker I’ve been waiting for. At the beginning of this episode, Sue Sylvester was being very Sue-ish, trying to reroute the glee club’s flight to NYC through Libya and hacking into Mr. Figgins’s email. Excuse me? Amazing. Our favorite, tracksuit-wearing tyrant also kicked Becky off the Cheerios. Of course this was brought to Will Schuester’s attention because he’s just that involved in everything. As it turned out, Becky was constantly reminding Sue of her beloved sister. And, sadly, she had just passed away. Now, here’s where I am torn. I am grateful for the heart and sentiment behind this storyline. However, isn’t it a shame that the way the writers have opted to exhibit the human side of Sue Sylvester (something we have been lacking all season) is by taking away the one element that made Sue Sylvester a human being throughout the entirety of the series thus far?

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