This episode could have been called Glee’s “green” episode if it was on NBC, because it was all about reducing, re-using and recycling.  We revisited a number of fondly recalled devices from way back in Season One: Auditions, Rachel’s sign up sheet voice-over (“So much has changed.  I didn’t have my bangs”), Sue’s lovely sister and Jesse St. James; as well as recycled for the umpteenth time the Finn/Quinn/Rachel triangle.  And, finally, the show reduced Sue Sylvester down the one redeeming character trait she has—loving devotion to her mentally-challenged sister—in an attempt to re-humanize her and bring her back into the audience’s good graces again.  At the end of the hour, that was pretty much all that “Funeral” was designed to accomplish.  The rest was all set dressing.  Some worked, some didn’t.

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