The whole idea that he took a course in Reality Show Judging is probably not very far-fetched, and sort of makes me want to go back to college.  I took major exception with his comments to Mercedes, however.  She is most definitely a star, and to call her lazy is not cool.  Did he hear that?  She killed “Try a Little Tenderness”!  (“This is Otis.  I Love Otis.”  Sorry.  Happens everytime.)  As for the rest of the auditions, I loved Kurt on “Some People” but is it wrong that I wanted him to branch out a bit?  He’s certainly capable.  Speaking of which, hi Rachel.  We know you love Barbra, and you were amazing on “My Man”, but the crying was a bit much, especially without being in the context of an actual show.  Santana rocked “Back to Black”, but I am biased by my love of Amy Winehouse and Santana’s voice.  I may waver on Santana the character, but the voice is top notch. 

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