Well, we’ve made it to the end of Season 2.  And, at times, it’s been a rocky road.  We’re hoping the hiatus will set us on a new path, away from all the PSAs and character assassinations and back, somehow, to the show we once found to be such a treat.


Dearest, darling Glee,

You are out of sorts, all over the place, icky, sometimes silly, but mostly irritating. In other words, it is time to be put down for a nap. Let us count our blessings the term “summer hiatus.”

This week’s episode, much like series as a whole, began with much promise. Unfortunately the promise of greatness was tied to one outfit- Rachel Berry’s ridiculously charming, Fruit Stripe Gum-inspired, jacket. It was perfect against the backdrop of NYC’s Times Square. Oh, did we not mention this? Glee set their season finale in New York- the city of dreams and love and any other over-romanticized notion that comes to your mind. And they touched on all of that! This is Glee…why wouldn’t they? These kids fantasized under huge Broadway billboards! One featuring Daniel Radcliffe’s face, even! And, let me just say, I hope this is the closest that Daniel Radcliffe ever gets to appearing on an episode of this show. I love him too much to see that happen.  I can say, as a reluctantly avid viewer of the show at this point, I’ve been able to pinpoint personalized themes for myself to keep things interesting. This week’s theme while viewing: “Uh…question!” because I had a lot of them. Mostly I wanted to know–was that intentional?

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