I’m guessing no matter what it was, it would have been better than Matthew Morrison’s solo in the theater as he waited for April. (Have you heard MM has a new album out?  He’d really like you to buy it.)  I am glad Schue didn’t embarrass himself any more than his vest collection already does by starring in “CrossRhodes: The April Rhodes Story”.

The original songs were, again, by turns, heartfelt and catchy, but not as good as the ones for Regionals.  Heck, they weren’t, in my opinion, as good as “Don’t Rain On Parade/Can’t Always Get What You Want” from season one or “Valerie” from this year’s sectionals.  I’m happy they didn’t win, or even place, at Nationals.  It gives this group something more to achieve as Seniors, which the script was sure to remind us is coming up next. They could not hang with some of the other talent.  The dancing alone from the group that covered Usher was amazing.  Except for the fact that I don’t buy a single one of them as high schoolers.  Kind of like Puck ordering a Manhattan.

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