But my favorite section of the hour by far was the Rachel and Kurt Breakfast at Tiffany’s/Wicked combo.  They both looked incredible, the dialogue was engaging and the whole thing was shot artfully.  Plus all that talk about moving to NYC for college?  I’d watch the hell out of that. (“Bring Finn along.  He’ll be good to have around in case we need to lift something heavy.”) It can either be Season 4, or a spinoff.  Like when they spun Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character off on Party of Five, except the complete opposite.  When they took the stage at The Gershwin Theater, I was in heaven. I love Wicked, and I love Lea and Chris singing together.  This was a slice of heaven for me personally.   And “For Good” was lyrically perfect for the evolution of Kurt and Rachel’s growing friendship, which is currently the best thing on this show.

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