While Will was worried about seeing Broadway dreams become a reality, the kids were confined to their swanky hotel to write their original songs. Brittany and Artie were the first up and their song was about a cup. I didn’t intend to rhyme that last line, however, I will just let that hang there as it is about as advanced as the lyric/songwriting skills of New Directions. I understood that this particular number was intent on being wacky, off base, not great, etc. It was written all over the faces of the other glee club members. To remedy this situation, they took to the streets of the Big Apple and let the city write the songs for them. Cue the first group number of the evening and my first of many recurring questions- Were these substance free lyrics written that way to prove a point? Perhaps, “Teenagers wrote this,” is what they wanted to convey. If so, pretty spot on and hilarious, because this was the worst damn thing I’ve heard since Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” “Other cities always make me mad…other places always make me sad.” Are you kidding me with this? I think I wrote better songs in third grade!  Cheesy songs aside, I thought the moments created during all the numbers were fantastic. Costumes and color were well utilized and that kind of stuff is a lot of fun. Though, it was this moment and many others that left me confused. I didn’t know if it was funny because I was in on the joke or if I had started siding with all those Glee haters who think the show is over-the-top and cheesy. Again- was this intentional? There’s a thing called “suspension of disbelief” with which I am well in tune. I was theater kid, I love fantasy, I know these kids burst into song at any given moment and it does not bother me…and so on and so forth. But are you to have me believe that a group of students this large would traipse through New York without splitting off into subgroups? I know this was a group number, but give me a break with this.

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