Second question of the night: Are they really rehashing this Rachel/Finn romance? Yes. Yes, we are. I don’t have much to say on the matter. They went on a date because the dudes told Finn he should ask her. (The girls, meanwhile, were having your run-of-the-mill feather pillow fight with Kurt. ( I actually appreciated this a bit more than most things.) So, they went on a date and wore clothes way too expensive for high school students. Rachel met Patti Lupone on this date, there was another fantastical song that was so ridiculous I thought, “Any second now, one of them is going to wake up from a dream.” This was due to the fact that the song (‘Bella Notte’) was performed by Artie, Puck, who was playing an accordion, Sam, and, even less explicable than Puck’s sudden accordion skills, “the dancing Asian.” UH…I thought he couldn’t sing, guys.  Rachel ended up leaving Finn on the street, saying “I can’t do this.” The next thing we see is Rachel face down on the bed with her notebook. So…it wasn’t a dream? Or it was?

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