Quinn, whose “you’ll see” moment never really surfaced like she promised last week, acted her way through a speech about how the popular girls don’t have anyone to love them. New question: Did Molly Ringwald write this scene? Because it was straight out of an 80’s movie-lover’s wet dream. You mean the nerdy girls get the guys, but we actually see the popular girls cry about it? Not in a million years! This happened. Then, the next time we saw Quinn, she had a new hair cut. I’m assuming this made her feel better. Sure did happen quickly. The writers definitely scrambled to write the last half hour of their season and tie up loose ends. It was way too noticeable here. The reveal that Will Schuester had a dream performance for someone important on a Broadway stage (This is all happenstance, by the way. Is my sarcasm booster working?) and the buzz of his “discovery” had hit the blogosphere caused much turmoil. Though he was very quick to say that he was staying with the glee club, so those dramatics ended as swiftly as they began.

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