We also saw Sunshine from Vocal Adrenaline again. Just a quick trip to the bathroom by Rachel that led to an encounter with her that seemed forced and out of place. No big deal. I’m thinking this is because the writers said, “Oh, damn. Remember her? We introduced her back in September. We should probably write her in.”

And then there was that kiss. It was believed by Jesse St. James (and everyone else because he said so) that the kiss cost New Directions the win. In fact, they didn’t even make the Top 10. Twelfth in line, they went back to Lima, Ohio. Finn and Rachel, together. Kurt and Blaine, loving one another. Santana and Brittany, also loving one another and Brit even exhibited a hint of intelligence. Mercedes and Sam…TOGETHER! (I think I could potentially like this, but the writers will have forgotten they’ve done it by the season three premiere.) Will and Emma… oh, whatever. They’ll be together. And then, anticlimactically, the episode ended. Other than a couple good one-liners, everything was wrapped up the way it began- weakly. The push towards the finish line was evident and painful. The one consistency I can comment on about the entire second season of Glee– it was consistently boring, bland, and just plain bad. This episode in particular was the perfect example of senioritis. It was horrible. I guess Myndi and I aren’t the only ones that want Glee to take a vocal rest for a few months. Bad pun, yes. Good compared to most of the scripts from this season? Without a doubt. Final question of the season, answered.

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